6 Tips for making your Adwords traffic profitable

You can spend a lot of time optimizing an Adwords campaign to pay less per click and get more traffic, but one thing is often overlooked: landing page optimization. If your landing page doesn’t do its job well, all of the Adwords optimization in the world will not grow your customer base profitably.

Choosing the Landing Page
Your site probably does not have only one page, if you are promoting a particular product or service, you should use the relevant product or service page as the landing page. If you don’t have one, it might be time to create one.

Your Unique selling proposition
The term “Unique selling proposition” refers to any aspect of your product or service that sets you apart from your competitors. Why should one buy from you over another? This aspect should be in the first visible elements of your page.

The Call to action What action do you want your visitors to take once on your site? If you want them to call you, you have to say, “Call us now”. Answer the question “Why call now?” will encourage the visitor to take action. Including an incentive can also increase your conversions. For example, “free evaluation” or “free samples”.

Let your visitors comment and ask them your questions in order to improve your site. Create a small survey with Google Docs and send the link by email or on your Facebook page. Use KissInsights to easily receive feedback directly from your site.

A / B test or Multivariate test
Google Website Optimizer is free and allows you to test different versions of a page of your site with the A / B test or different elements of a page with the multivariate test. It’s easy to use and very effective in optimizing your conversions. The following video demonstrates the effectiveness of the product:

Make sure your site works well in the different browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari…) and the most common screen resolutions. Keep important information visible when opening the page without having to scroll the mouse.

These tips can be used by any type of business having a website with the goal of increasing their customer base. Taking the time to put them in place will certainly increase the profitability of your website and your Adwords spending.