Cost per click advertising

Cost Per Click Advertising is the fastest and most effective direct marketing tool for driving traffic to your site and maximizing your results. With little experience in targeting your ads and analyzing your data, your cost-per-click budget is likely to slip away quickly without you understanding why. With our methods and expertise to measure and test, we can help you avoid unprofitable campaigns, increase your conversions and decrease your costs.

Account setup

You do not know where to start? Our account configuration service ensures a personalized configuration of your account for your target customers as well as your business objectives. Our experience will ensure you an optimal return on your investment.

Audit and action plan

You don’t know which direction to take to optimize your results? Our audit service aims to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your account. We will then give you a detailed action plan that will tell you how to improve your return on investment.

Topics of recommendations included in our action plan:

  • Account setup
  • Campaign structure and ad groups
  • Keywords
  • Advertisement
  • Landing pages
  • Display network
  • Conversion tool

Campaign management

Managing and optimizing cost-per-click campaigns requires expertise and time to devote to it. Without these resources, your campaigns will not be able to reach their full potential and your budget may run out quickly without delivering the desired return on investment. Our campaign management service will allow you to benefit from our expertise and passion to optimize your conversions and reduce your costs.

Negative keywords

The use of negative keywords is one of the most overlooked elements in cost per click campaigns. Using broad queries without the massive use of negative keywords is the biggest cause of wasted budget. By using your data along with keyword lists that are irrelevant to your target customers, we will eliminate clicks that are unlikely to lead to conversions.

Benefits of using our negative keyword lists:

  • Increase CTR
  • Increase the average visit time
  • Increase conversion rate and profit
  • Decreases unnecessary impressions
  • Decrease the bounce rate
  • Lower costs