Keywords in the domain name

You may have already heard that having a keyword in a domain name is a good SEO factor for a site. If, for example, your business sells yellow shoes, you will have a head start with the domain name This strategy has obvious advantages, but also disadvantages to consider when choosing your domain name. This choice is especially important for a business, as this domain name will be your web identity on which your reputation will be built.

When is this strategy not recommended?
In case it is the domain name choice for your company or organization site – Some companies will go so far as to change their company name to use this strategy or just use a different domain name for include their keyword (s). Your business or product name for which the site will be intended should be your domain name. In addition to the brand entity factors that are gaining importance in positioning factors, your brand allows you to identify you among your competitors. Separating the activities of your business into different areas is also in the majority of cases not recommended.

When is this strategy appropriate?
Although some cases are questionable depending on the end goals, sometimes it is good to use keywords in the domain name:

  • In an Adwords campaign to increase or optimize CTR.
  • For micro sites used to increase your presence or build links.
  • Some companies have goals that do not require the use of their company name in their field, the unnamed brand that can be found in grocery stores in this case is a good comparison.

In short
Although this technique still seems to work well, it may lose its effectiveness in the next year since it is used a lot by spammers. This technique could also rank you among these spammers, as much by Google as by your visitors.

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