SEO web

Reaching the top of the organic results pages should be a priority for any business with an online presence. Online research is intensifying, search terms are becoming more specific and competition is increasing in search engines. With our web marketing knowledge and resources, we develop and execute SEO strategies that will go beyond your site positioning. Whether your site is in development or in operation, we will make it more efficient.

According to Google, 20% of all online searches have local intent. We will make your business visible where you are sought with our local SEO service.

Web market research

Determining if there is an online market for your products or services and which keywords are the most searched is paramount. Just looking at keyword tools is not always enough. CMPmedia has therefore developed a technique that allows you to obtain precise figures on the search volume of your online market.

Audit and strategy

What is preventing your site from getting better search engine ranking? The audit allows us to determine if your site is well optimized for search engines and then provide you with a strategy that will increase your organic traffic.

Campaign management

Our expert SEO team will make sure you increase your performance in organic results.

Our goals :

  • Attract traffic by positioning competitive keywords
  • Attract targeted traffic by using the long tail
  • Increase the visibility of your brand

Link building strategy

Is Your Site Not Getting Top Of The First Search Pages? If your site is well optimized, you probably need links. We carry out personalized strategies that will allow you to build links to your site in an ethical manner and in harmony with your current web activities.

Migration and site development

Are you making significant changes to your site? Migrating to a new platform or rebuilding your site is a crucial time to integrate your SEO strategy and maintain your current presence in the search engines. Our website migration and development service will ensure that your changes will not harm your current positioning and you will benefit from recommendations to improve the optimization of your site at the same time.