Why invest in advertising on the web?

This is a question that many are asking. Understandable? Yes and no…

Indeed, the traditional media have proven their effectiveness in terms of advertising for several decades. Whether it was newspaper advertising that influenced the pace of the elections 100 years ago to television with its targeted advertising through new specialty channels through radio and its advertising through the voice of their advertisers stars, then why turn to electronic marketing? Here are some possible answers …

Difficult to depart from a winning formula, to leave the comfort of routine. Marketing divisions are familiar with the “game” With traditional media and seem to be a little bothered by the complexity of their new challenge: web marketing.

New technology requires, marketing departments must now keep part of their budgets for web strategy (good news for us), but still seem to wonder about the effectiveness of internet advertising.

For those of you who follow the evolution of online advertising, you are probably already aware that advertising spend by online businesses downgraded radio spending by almost $ 400 million in Canada in 2008. A first shock wave for those who still doubted the effectiveness of online advertising. That spending on web advertising exceeds that on radio may be surprising to many. On the other hand, it is in 2011 that reality should catch up with the skeptics. Indeed, while advertising spending in print newspapers is melting (going from 2.05 billion to 2 billion Canadian dollars), web advertising spending should go from 1.95 billion to 2.2 billion in 2011. These figures are estimation office of course, but still demonstrate the importance for a company to divide its multi-platform budget properly. Another sign of advertising vitality on the net, in 2009, in the midst of a recession as corporate advertising budgets melted like snow in the sun, e-marketing continued to expand with spending increasing 14% for the Internet. web advertising. 

Now that everyone is aware of the popularity and no doubts lingering in your mind about the beauty of web advertising, here is a strategy that should be addressed during the year 2011.

– First of all, Search Marketing (sponsored links), according to IDATE, represents more than half of the global online advertising market, ie more than 18 billion euros. It is also estimated that the latter should expand by 2014. A good idea would be to invest part of your web advertising budget.

– It will also be important to monitor the Google Display Network since the development forecast is very good with additions such as Rich Mediaand video. IDATE predicts a 32% increase for the Display Network by 2014.

– In closing, you will also need to pay particular attention to three emerging online advertising markets: video advertising, social networks and mobile advertising which according to certain predictions should occupy a large share (14%) of the market electronic advertising in the coming years with the growing popularity of digital tablets and wireless telephony.

For advertisers who are used to working with traditional media, know that the working method is not much different with online advertising. Don’t think of putting all your eggs in one basket by putting 100% of your budget on the Search Network or the Google Display Network, instead have in mind a good marketing mix strategy that will allow you to invest in more a sphere of web advertising. To conclude, here is a small forecast of IDATE for the electronic advertising market in the future.

” Online advertising will grow at an average annual growth rate of 47.6% worldwide. The mobile, whose income for the moment comes more from Display than Search, will contribute like video to limit the decline of the Display market. Mobile Internet advertising will also benefit from transfers from the local advertising market around geolocation solutions.